Does your strategy or business plan create unique and compelling value for your customers?

Do you have the organization and leadership needed to effectively execute that strategy or business plan?

Are your customers and employees engaged in a way that generates loyalty and sustainable growth?

Thursday, August 22
If you can't say "YES" to these questions...

ANTICIPATE - Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do

Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do

By Bill Thomas
& Jeff Tobe
Published by
John Wiley & Sons, Inc

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... then you're vulnerable to any competitor who can! 

Winning companies find new and unique ways of working with their customers, suppliers and alliances. They leverage these value chain relationships to increase revenues and reduce costs. Key to these efforts are people, and the way they engage each other to create enterprise value. Our total solution links a company's value chain and human capital in a way that yields tangible results. We also work with companies who want customized help in a very specific area. In all cases, we help our clients create new levels of performance and stakeholder value. (See Testimonials Below)
Companies are working
hard to stabilize the confidence of
shareholders, customers
and employees
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Solving the Industry's Human
Resource Challenges

Five Answers You Must Consider
If You Are Your Company's:
     CEO, COO, or Owner
     Leader in Sales, Marketing, CEM or Service
     Leader in HR/OD, BPR, or Strategic Planning

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