Human Resources Practices and Processes

The cost of finding, growing and retaining talent is substantial. And the supply and demand for talent at all levels and in all regions continues to evolve. This makes it even more critical that you optimize those costs, protect your people investments and continually evolve your people processes.

We work with clients to identify and fix trouble spots in their people practices and processes. Trouble spots that might:

  • Disadvantage them in the employment marketplace,
  • Dilute their people-related ROI, or
  • Impair their ability to execute their strategy.

We help ensure their human resource processes are effective, linked and work together as one integrated system. We ensure they are aligned to the business strategy and help drive specific business outcomes. In short - we make sure they work, solve problems and produce results!

  • Employee Engagement Strategies & Tools
  • Performance Management - Results-Based Management
  • Compensation, Pay-for-Performance Practices & Incentive Plans
  • Recruiting & Selection / Employer Branding
  • Customer-centric HR Practices & Processes (Customer Focus Maturity Model ®)
  • Competency & Capability Modeling, Assessments & Development
  • HR, Culture & Organizational Effectiveness Audits
"Take our twenty best people away, and I can tell you that Microsoft would become an unimportant company."
--Bill Gates