Optimizing the Customer's Experience

At the end of the day, it's not the CEO, management team, board or shareholders that judge whether a strategy was successful or not. It's the organization's customers - and their decisions about a company's products and services - that define the ultimate success of a strategy. And the differences between customer behavior, satisfaction and loyalty are key drivers of those decisions. If ignored, those differences can be costly.

Winning companies work hard at ensuring their customers are satisfied. Consistently winning companies work hard to transform satisfied customers into loyal ones.

We work with organizations who want to take their customer's experience to the next level - converting their key customers into loyal ones; and turning marginally profitable relationships into more profitable ones. With our Customer Focus Maturity Model ®, and our field-proven Ten Point Customer Focus Framework, we help you develop and implement:

  • Customer Experience Strategies, Processes & Tools
  • Market Segment & Value Proposition Assessments
  • Customer Risk & Value Mapping
  • VOC, Satisfaction & Loyalty Metrics, Tools & Analyses
  • Customer Engagement & Value Chain Labs ®
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Effectiveness Reviews
  • Building Customer - Centric Cultures
"Any source of competitive advantage that is not based on doing something truly unique, wonderful and imaginative for customers, is simply going to disappear."
--Gary Hamel
Named by Fortune magazine as "the world's leading expert on business strategy."