Business Transition Planning & Implementation

Every business is different...and for every business...tomorrow will be different. Change is "the" constant, and every business goes through changes - from start-ups to growth to maturation to contraction and restructuring. The problem is the organizational issues inherent in these changes don't usually receive the same planning, rigor and follow-through as the financial, legal and operational issues do. As a result, the value that appears on paper is rarely ever realized.

In fact, many business transitions not only fail to increase stakeholder value, they actually decrease it in large part because of unforeseen or unaddressed organizational issues. Failure to anticipate and effectively manage changes or challenges in culture, leadership, goal alignment, capabilities and customer focus, among others, will sap the value right out of any business venture or transition.

The key is to move through such transitions thoughtfully - yet quickly - in a way that minimizes the loss of customers, talent and productivity, and creates new value. We help organizations successfully manage such transitions with:

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • M&A Integration Planning & Management
  • Cross-boundary Alignment & Workouts (Value Chain Labs ®)
  • Divestiture, Consolidation & Reorganization Support
  • Related Risk Assessments & Risk Management
  • "Fast-Forward" Transition Management
  • Culture & Leadership Assessments & Alignment (including our L.E.A.D. Analysis)
  • Internal & External Communications
"Both investment bankers and shareholders have raised the bar on what they expect, and will accept, as value-adding deals."
--Business Week