What We Do

Centric Performance partners with our clients to develop solutions that strengthen the performance of individuals, teams and entire organizations. We focus sharply on a company's value chain - customers, suppliers, alliances - and how the company's human capital (people and capabilities) is leveraged along that value chain. The effective engagement of that human capital is key to generating top-line growth, reducing costs and increasing stakeholder value. Learn more about how our total and specific solutions can help you get results, and see what makes us different.

"Business survival was once thought to be directly related to the level of access to material and financial resources. However, today, the most prominent factor is the ever increasing engagement of people."

Larry Bossidy, Former CEO Honeywell/Allied Signal

Our Total Solution...

Every employee, regardless of level or role, is uniquely and powerfully positioned to affect customers, and therefore company performance, through the various judgments they make each day. To help employees make value-creating decisions, a company must:

Help them fully understand the business drivers and customer expectations;
Show them the value of their individual roles in meeting those expectations; and
Engage employees to continuously improve their skills and strive for peak performance.

We believe employees and their leaders, along with their collective commitment, and capabilities, are key to a company's customer efforts. So our total solution begins with the customer-supplier connection, and what it takes to make that connection work really well. We use our Customer Focus Maturity Model ® to identify and evaluate the different touch points in that connection. We then translate those requirements into the organization, skills and capabilities a company needs to excel, and build a system of business and human resources practices that drive those skills and capabilities. We use a variety of Consulting and Training Services and Tools, and our Value Chain Labs ® where applicable, to accomplish that.

...Gets Results

We also assist clients who want to focus on one or more specific areas such as retaining key talent, training front-line managers, building high-performing teams and others. From a total solution, a single solution, or something in between, we know how to leverage human capital to get results. We help organizations:

Reduce cycle time & lower operating costs with a business process that identifies efficiencies in customer-supplier-alliance interactions
Grow revenues and lower sales costs with a business process that increases customer satisfaction, penetration and loyalty
Improve business results with a system of people practices that are aligned with business goals and drive peak performance
Improve ROI with managers who are effective at hiring, rewarding, growing and retaining their employees
Increase revenues with individual employees who are equipped and inspired to create added customer value
Grow market share with the collective capabilities that separate a company from its competitors
Drive end-to-end success & higher stakeholder value with leadership that pulls it all together and keeps the vision fresh, alive and compelling

Whether a company wants to improve a key people practice, ensure all people practices clearly support & drive their business goals, or, further leverage their value chain for economic gains ... Centric Performance delivers the message, method, and tools needed to achieve new levels of growth and results. Contact us today if you believe your organization might be capable of delivering more value than it currently is.



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