Management and Employee Training

"Training is about improving or changing performance and behaviors on the job. We take proven steps to ensure your training investment produces those results."

Bill Thomas
Centric Performance

So you feel you have a compelling vision and a breakthrough strategy. Now all that remains is to implement it. The question is - do your line managers have the skills they need to guide, inspire and equip the employees who have to deliver on the promises you're making? And do those employees have the skills they need to perform their roles effectively?

We provide customized training courses to equip your managers with the skills they need to be more effective at hiring, rewarding, growing and retaining their employees - all keys to optimizing the return on your people investments and implementing your strategy.

Note that we are not trainers who happen to know something about managing. We are successful managers and executives who also happen to be effective trainers. To each of our training and development projects we bring decades of in-the-field hands-on management experience that delivers hard-hitting, real-world learnings to your people.

Our courses are not generic courses that we modify to fit your particular organization. They are carefully-customized courses based on the every-day issues, challenges and on-the-job examples that exist in your specific organization. Each of our course topics can also be further tailored for management only, employee only or mixed management-employee audiences.

Below are some of our most popular training courses. Please contact us for a representative list of topics covered in each course, or for other courses you're considering but don't see here. Also, be sure to ask us about our Learning Application Barometer (LAB), the unique process and tool we use to ensure the training we conduct translates into measurable gains in performance on the job.

Making the Transition from Employee to Manager to Leader
Recruiting & Selecting High Performers
Identifying & Retaining Key Talent
Managing & Evaluating Performance
Effective Compensation Management for Line Managers
Building Your Employment Brand
Effective Manager-Employee Relations
Legal Landmines in Managing People
Managing the Challenges of Change
Dealing Effectively With Conflict
Communicating With Impact
Decision Making & Problem Solving
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Effective Group Facilitation
Time Management / Meeting Management
Building a Customer-Focused Culture
Competitive & Consultative Selling
Excellence in Customer Service

Many of these course are also used to support our consulting projects: strategy implementation; organizational effectiveness; human resources; Customer Focus Maturity Model ®; business transitions; and, Value Chain Labs ®.


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