The Challenge

"The average company loses 50% of its customers in five years, 50% of its employees in 4, and 50% of its investors in one year's time."

The Loyalty Effect
Fred Reichheld

Gone is yesterday's hyper-growth economy where demand outpaced supply. And gone are the days when investors and employees readily buy into promises that "can't miss."

Today's customers are more informed, resourceful, demanding and savvy than they have ever been. They know that better, faster, cheaper alternatives are just a click away. Believe it or not, the same can be said for key employee talent.

Most business leaders know they must quickly re-establish themselves as customer-driven companies. Many will also recognize the value of the employee-focused initiatives that were aborted during the downturn. But only some will go further by forging a strong linkage between their customer and employee strategies. And those companies will outperform the rest of the pack.

When a company's people practices are shaped around the needs, values and interests of external customers - everybody wins. So the things you do to attract, reward, grow and retain your people should be linked directly to the things you must do to add value to your company's customers.

As clear as this challenge seems to be, the solution for meeting that challenge continues to elude company after company. And their customers, employees and investors will continue to look for greater value elsewhere. We help you forge stronger connections between the various links of your value chain. Those stronger connections make it more difficult for competitors to pry away that which you've worked so hard to build. Are your employee-customer connections solid or vulnerable to competitors? Call us today if you're not sure.


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