ANTICIPATE - Praise For The Book

"Anticipate is the first model I have seen that has a step-by-step system that just makes plain sense."

MARK TANNENBAUM, Senior Partner, Signature Financial

"This book has had a significant impact on how I view and perform my role as a Human Resource leader in our company. We are a sales and distribution-centric business which puts the customer's value proposition and building internal capabilities to deliver that value at the top of our business and HR agenda. From redefining my view of who HR's customer truly is, to sharpening my focus on how our employees and processes engage with our customers and markets, it has become an important part of my HR toolbox."

MALINDA HALLETT, Director of Human Resources, BEA, Inc

"ANTICIPATE is insightful, interesting, and relevant to all companies who focus on delivering an exemplary customer experience. This book debunks common myths and outlines a customer focus framework to deliver customer value at every touch point. If you strive for a customer-centric focus within your company, you'll garner great insight from ANTICIPATE."

KAY PHELPS, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Avaya, Inc.

"There are masters in every human endeavor, from sports to the arts, and also in the craft of human resource management and leadership. If you want to know how a true HR leader thinks, you owe it to yourself to read ANTICIPATE. Anyone who can embody the business wisdom, acumen, and step-be step approach of this book, can't help but be on their way to the HR big leagues."

JOE O'BRIEN, Director of Human Resources, Oberg Industries / Oberg Medical

"This book is a natural buy if you, like me, or my many clients, believed that customer service was the end game. The realization that your competitive advantage lies in the customer experience not customer service is clearly established. ANTICIPATE is an essential resource, to help you understand, bring to life and capitalize on the benefits of the authors unique and useful Customer Focus Maturity Model® for your company."


"We are a family-run business and our focus has always been on customer service. Reading this book made us re-evaluate our policies and procedures. ANTICIPATE'S Ten-Point Customer Focus Framework is our new benchmark to ensure that our emphasis is on the customer experience, not just on service."

STACY ISON, President, Toronto Honda

"For all its complaining about not being viewed as a full business partner, much of the HR profession has been content to hide from the business's customer challenges behind a wall of compliance checklists and company picnics. Thanks to ANTICIPATE, that option isn't available anymore. Bill and Jeff lay out a thoughtful, practical model of customer focus that effectively describes HR's critical and value-adding role in helping companies find and keep the right customers. All of us in the HR field owe it to our companies to take up ANTICIPATE's insights and put them to work."

BARRY WOLFE, Vice President of Human Resources, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

"ANTICIPATE is a blueprint for success for any business! We wouldn't exist without our customers and this book delivers a three-step process to becoming even more customer-centric."

DAWN WELLHAUSEN, Director- Global Marketing Programs, Aspect Software, Inc.