Other Value Chain Labs ® Applications

  • Units within a company that need to work more closely or effectively with each other (e.g. line and staff; physicians, nurses and patients; corporate and division; production and transportation; faculty, administration and students; etc.).
  • Parallel units of newly-merged companies who are having trouble integrating, or, want to optimize their new relationship at the outset.
  • Sales force or customer service training where the voice of the external customer can be used to help design the course content. The lab can similarly be part of the course - serving as a practice exercise, or be conducted after the course allowing participants to apply their newly learned tools in an actual customer setting. HR Strategy/redesign efforts can include the lab process to generate needed involvement from both internal business partners and external customers, while simultaneously building and strengthening those relationships.
  • Competency development projects that need an innovative vehicle for eliciting external customer involvement; one that also helps generate buy-in from internal business partners.
  • A customer-focused initiative that's intended to energize and mobilize a company's employees to higher levels of customer satisfaction, and/or, intended to demonstrate to customers and others, the company's renewed commitment.
  • Companies who are dissatisfied with the products or services they've been receiving; or who want to improve the relationship with their suppliers or other alliances.
  • A training course for any population needing issue resolution or cooperative negotiation skills such as Customer Service or Claims Department personnel, Purchasing personnel, Inside Sales Reps etc.