Strategy, Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness

"A differentiator for many of today's successful companies is that "they pay attention to the intangibles others ignore. They see value in the way they're organized - their management systems, processes and structures that enable them to outperform competitors."

From The Ground Up, Ed Lawlor

Coming up with a clear and compelling vision is one thing. Coming up with the strategy for realizing it is another. And translating both of those into action and the desired results is where the real challenges begin.

Doing so requires a well-selected and coordinated assembly of individuals, teams and leaders. People in all functions and at all levels must have goals that are aligned with the strategy and are complementary. Work processes and structures must be formal, yet flexible, enough to foster both efficiency and agility. Tools must exist to help identify, generate and leverage peak performance. Lastly, the various barriers to execution must be flushed out and addressed. These are the key components of a "well-oiled machine." We help our clients assess their current level of effectiveness, define the desired state, and close the corresponding gap in several areas:

Strategy & Implementation Support (S.P.O.T. Opportunity Analysis ©)
Customer-centric Strategy Assessments (Customer Focus Maturity Model ®)
Management & Leadership Development Workshops
HIPO, Management & Executive Coaching (Peak Performance Coaching)
Organization & Succession Planning (TalenTracs talent and continuity risk assessment)
Building & Leveraging High-Performing Teams
Business Process Mapping & Improvement
Organization & Culture Alignment & Change


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