ANTICIPATE - Is This Book For You?

Who can benefit from ANTICIPATE?



CEO, COO, Corporate Planning
C-Level and strategic planning leaders who want to maximize their customers' impact on the organization's growth strategy, goals and results.

Sales VP, RSM/DSM, Account Exec
Sales leaders who want to increase the volume, mix or margin of their sales, or want to improve customer retention, SOW and customer referrals.

CMO, Commercial, Biz Development
Marketing officers seeking to advance the organization's brand, understand its real market differentiators or improve its win-loss ratio in certain customer segments.

Customer Care, Service, Support
Customer service leaders who want to more effectively detect, resolve and recover from customer issues, or generally improve the customer's service experience.

CXO, CE Director, Chief Customer Officer
Customer experience officers who want to build, evaluate and continually enhance their company's customer focus, or gain enterprise-wide traction and involvement in it.

HR Officer, Talent Management Leader
Human resource leaders who seek a clear and compelling way to link their HR priorities, processes and practices to the business, and increase their impact on the business.

OD Leader, Change Management CoE
Organizational development leaders looking for proven techniques to define and implement their business-driven culture and change management efforts.

Quality Leaders, Process Managers
TQM managers interested in better understanding and leveraging customer-driven process improvement opportunities and priorities.

Procurement, Supply Chain Managers
SCM leaders looking to integrate or leverage more efficient and effective relationships and processes with the organization's supply chain, or implement "reverse CE" initiatives.

ANTICIPATE helps leaders ensure a customer-focused growth strategy, build the capabilities to execute it, and shape the culture that sustains it.