Leader In HR/OD, BPR, or Strategic Planning

Most leaders in positions like yours recognize that today's companies face a competitive landscape that is continuously changing. They realize that traditional market differentiators - while still valuable - cannot sustain competitive advantage. This leaves many CEO's looking for that next breakthrough that will drive top-line growth and increase the company's value. In today's environment, that breakthrough simply won't happen without a sharp focus on the customer and a company's capability to deliver value to that customer in a way that can't be easily imitated. Companies can no longer define themselves in terms of products and services. The company, its mission and its operations must be re-thought in customer terms. In customer-driven companies, employees are increasingly organized and deployed around customer processes, needs and outcomes. They are inspired, and shown how, to learn as much as possible about customers, and focus on new ways of delivering value to those customers. Unfortunately, while many leaders in your position intellectually agree with this thinking, they aren't sure how to make it happen.

Typically, people in roles like yours bounce from guardrail to guardrail as they focus on recruiting and retention, standardization and scale of operations during periods of growth; then turn quickly to cost cutting, restructuring, productivity improvements and stabilizing the remaining workforce when times get tough. These are all things that clearly need to be done - and done well; and that won't change. However, you need to expand your focus and increasingly look outside of the company for ways to create additional competitive advantage. People practices, business processes and strategic plans need to build external, not just internal, connections in order to add greater value. When these functions are shaped around the needs, values and interests of external customers - then the entire operating process is aligned and positioned for success.

We help our clients define and prioritize customer needs, ideas and concerns; and identify specific capabilities, processes and plans that - when leveraged - can create competitive advantage for both sides. What about you? Is your role's impact and success defined by internal measures, external measures or both? Is it viewed as a mission critical role or as a support role? Does it cost the company more than the value it creates? Not happy with your answer? Just give us a call at 866-302-9099, or click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page.


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