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Everyday, the world turns upside-down for a company that thought it was on top of it all. But some companies manage to stay on top year after year, cycle after cycle. These consistently successful companies never stop worrying whether customers will buy, costs will rise or competitors will overtake them. They know that without warning, customers who once seemed pliable and plentiful, can quickly become more scarce, savvy and demanding than they've ever been. They realize there's no foreseeable end to increases in global competition, Internet advancements, or commoditization. Nor is there a foreseeable end to the increased power of the customer as a result of these trends. All of this is against a backdrop of skittish shareholders, hungry competitors, "free-agent" employees, and suppliers who face many of the same issues. Clearly, reaching the top and staying there is a daunting challenge for business leaders.

We don't believe this challenge calls for a diet of new wiz-bang management tools, but we do believe it calls for a new way of thinking about and addressing that challenge. Today's leader needs a different, broader perspective. One that considers the entire enterprise value chain. One that looks across boundaries - aligning customers, suppliers, employees and related processes in a way that continually creates new sources of value and competitive advantage. Historically, companies have used a wide range of tools to create that competitive advantage. From Reengineering, R&D and Restructuring, to Supply Chain Management, Six-Sigma and LEAN, companies have tried any number of different approaches for reducing costs or increasing revenues.

If we look and listen closely enough to the business world around us, we'd notice an increasing number of companies doing something else. Specifically, they are working across value chain boundaries to share processes, reduce cycle time, cut operating and sales costs, and identify new product and revenue possibilities. Our Value Chain Labs ® provide the method, tools, training and support to do that within your value chain. To learn more about how this approach might help you, or how you might pilot it within a select part of your organization, just give us a call at 866-302-9099, or click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page.


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